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Thai Massage
Thai Massage involves rhythmic compressions and progressive stretches to relax the sympathetic nervous system, soften muscles, re-establish flexibility, and increase range of motion. It strengthens nerves, tissues and organs while improving energy circulation throughout the entire body.

Client and therapist wear loose or stretchy clothing and are on a large mat on the floor of a well warmed room for this treatment.

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Janet Jordan, LMT #079
1110 Pennsylvania NE, north of Lomas & west of Wyoming
Lymphatic Drainage Therapy • Cranio Sacral Therapy
Deep Tissue Therapy • Foot Reflexology
Medical Massage • Neuromuscular Therapy
Myofascial Release Technique • Shiatsu
Core Synchronism • Swedish Massage
Thai Massage • Polarity Therapy

Janet Jordan, LMT, RMTI

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